<![CDATA[awakenmint - Blog]]>Mon, 24 Jul 2017 06:06:42 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[The Power of Affirmations and Morning Rituals. Five Keys To More Fulfillment.]]>Thu, 06 Apr 2017 17:48:03 GMThttp://awakenmint.com/3/post/2017/04/-the-power-of-affirmations-and-morning-rituals-five-keys-to-more-fulfillment.html“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

-Guatama Buddha

Hello, friends!

I’ve been thinking about affirmations a lot lately and the power of your WORD.

Yes, I said it.. THE POWER OF YOUR WORD.

“What do you mean, Anna?! I change my mind allll the time! How could I possibly stick to what I mean?”

Am I the only one who has that problem? Hmm.. yea, didn’t think so.

So I’ve been reading some ahhhmazing books. ‘The Four Agreements,’ by Don Miguel Ruiz and ‘The Magic Path of Intuition,’ by Florence Scovel Shinn with and Introduction by Louise Hay. Love them. DEFFINATELY RECOMMEND BOTH BOOKS!

Anywho, as I have been pondering the things I am reading, I felt the strong need to share with you guys!

1.) You’ve got to get a morning ritual of telling yourself some positive thoughts. It’s IMPECCABLE!

One affirmation I like to read in the mornings: “The light of lights streams through my mind, body, and affairs, revealing all in Divine order. I see clearly there are no obstacles on my pathway. I see clearly the open road of fulfillment.”

Try saying it out loud, in the mirror, repeat it over and over.

WRITE IT DOWN! There is so much power in writing, saying and believing in something positive for us.

What do you feel differently after doing that?

2.) Get moving! Yes. I am not the two hour gym day kinda girl (though I used to feel like I had to be and would put myself down if I wasn’t)

but find YOUR way to move! Recently I’ve picked up barre classes and have found my passion for being active. It’s a combination of weights, ballet, pilates and some yoga. I’m also trying to embrace yoga… I have a very impatient mind that wanders constantly so yoga is hard for me but that’s a work in progress.

3.) TRY SOMETHING NEW EACH WEEK! YASSSS. This is my favorite because life can seem so robotic sometimes, can’t it? It doesn’t have to be something crazy! For example, I went rock climbing with some friends the other night at 9 pm. Totally late and haven’t been in a while but it was a NEW EXPERIENCE WITH NEW FRIENDS. You’re happiest when you are GROWING by CHALLENGING yourself and putting yourself in DIFFERENT situations.

Then the other morning I decided to go on a random hike in the middle of the day. Totally random, but it literally made my day!


What is it that is special about being one with nature? For me, it is a spiritual experience. I feel that I can meditate and talk with God while in nature. I’ve read that, “Prayer is God telephoning to you and intuition is God telephoning to you.” How beautiful is that? We have a divine connection with our creator whether you believe in a higher power or the universe, God, whatever you wanna call it. It is there for us if we speak to it and have a relationship with it by communicating our desires and gratitude.

5.) And finally… connect! How can you use your talents and ambitions to serve others effectively? It is so important to have not only our family close to us, but to even create a family outside your family. Or maybe you want to choose to give back in a way to people you don’t know. But here’s the thing, when you make effort to connect with others you give a part of your love to the universe and the universe recognizes that. You feel that love more because of your desire to want to connect. In return, you create more fulfillment in your life. Or, start a blog! Blogging is a great way to connect to others all over the internet J

There ya have it, friends. My five keys to more fulfillment!

Get em’ done!


Anna Adele

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Creating Love and Happiness in Your Life When You’re Young and Single

 – Thoughts from reading Gabby Bernstein’s new book, “The Universe Has Your Back,” and lessons learning from the love and match maker, Patti Stanger. 

 A full moon can mean, "New Beginnings," or the ending of something. The full moon is supposed to happen on November, 15th. Although, looking up at the sky tonight… I saw the moon as big as the ocean. I looked up while dipping my toes into the sand at Pacific Beach. I felt the energy of the waves crashing down beside me… the vibrations of the ground as I stand near San Diego’s most famous beach. I enjoy watching all different kinds of people walk the board walk. Homeless, fit, wealthy, poor, creative, happy, sad, romantic, creative, loving, hateful, depressed, confused, drunk, high, interesting, hot, smart, funny and most unique groups of people. I love how I go to the beach looking for peace and calmness, and it sometimes can be chaotic. The same way we encounter life at times. Looking for peace while discovering the beauty in all the chaos.


I have been listening to Gabby Bersteins new book, “The Universe Has Your Back,” on audible. I’ve been learning so much from her about our presence, meditation, trusting the universe, how to look for “signs,” love, anxiety, and much more. She teaches you these “prayers” to put out in the universe. Such as, “I choose to learn through love. I surrender to the universe and choose to see love.” It’s very interesting how good it actually feels when I practice these “little prayers.” I love learning these different kinds of things.. I belive there is truth to a lot of different spiritualities.


I’m also watching a lot of Hulu this weekend because I have been sick.. and it’s fun to watch ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,” and learn from Patti Stanger. I believe she truly does have a gift of match making and she cracks me up! I love her. She says that, “You’ve gotta know who you really are before settling down because if you don’t know who you are then you won’t attract the one for you.”

How interesting is that to think about? As a young, 26 year old woman, I sometimes worry about never finding true love. Once I think I find it, I spend much time trying to perfect it… but the thing is, love is not perfect. And neither are you and I. The trick is finding someone who makes your imperfectness feel beautiful.

Patti also talks about how, “Love can only live in a loving energy.”

Going back to Gabby, she goes into how we need to let our feelings navigate our paths.. and get CLEAR on how we want to feel. How do we want to manifest and how do we want to feel??

I believe that it really changes everyday. But for the most part, we want to feel loved, joy, being successful, creative, fit, adored, admired, respected, inspiring, fun, funny, courageous, ambitious, determined, and spontaneous. Right? Those are the most important things to me, atleast.

Gabby says that, “Joy is the ultimate creator.”

She also says to look at our should and what does the universe want us to do..

I know I want happiness and love, but sometimes I get in my own way. Does anyone else have that problem? Good, glad I’m not all alone.. Some of the steps Gabby suggests are:

1.) Accept that the obstacles are detours in the right direction.

2.) Get honest about how you may be controlling some areas in your life

3.) Use your prayers to see the obstacles as an opportunity to step back and let the universe lead you the way

4.) Trust that obstacles are the detours in the right direction


I have enjoyed learning from these two woman and will continue to read Gabby’s book. I’ve learned that when you esperience someone’s true presence, you are reminded of your own. I’ve realized that in discovering more of myself, I will attract the right kind of love towards me. I hope this helps you too.




Anna Adele

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My whole life I've been taught the importance of goal-setting. My dad taught me growing up that you must have your goals lined up to know where to put your energy and your focus. Lately, I've been slacking on this and I can tell I am now paying the consequences! I've been confused, emotional and withdrawn from the areas that are most important to me and I am making the change today to get back on track.

When I reflect in different areas of life where I've been most succesful and been with companies that have helped me get there, I looked back on my journal and saw that I was creating habits everyday to focus on my goals and was clear in what I wanted. I accomplished much more in writing down my goals instead of keeping them stuck in my head.

Here are a few ways to figure out what out you want most out of your life:

Dr. Dennis Waitley created the 'Wheel of Fortune'

  • Mental
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Physical
  • Family
  • Financial
  • Professional
  • Service

Take a look at these 8 categories, write down at least two things you want to work on in these areas of life and why.. 

But before doing this, try anwsering a few questions that Tony Robbins asks in his 'Unleash the Power Within' CD's:

1.) What are two actions you’ve been putting off that if you were to do them know it would make a difference?

2.)  If life was the way I would ultimately want it to be, what would it look like?
What would I do differently? Appreciate more? Stop worrying about?

3.) Whare are your MUSTS everyday?

4.) What meaning do I want my life to ultimately have? What would I have to believe about myself?

5.) What are some things in life that if you just changed the meaning it would change your destiny?

Take 15 minutes to write down your goals and then focusing on them for 5 minutes a day for the next week. 

Who are you trying to become and where would you like to go?

Personal development is key to having an abundant-filled life and can get you where you want to go. We must first work on mastering the mind to accomplish the things we want most!



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Here I am! I’ve been waiting for you, geez. You’ve been taking forever just to start this thing, “Awakenmint,” and all you’ve done is get frustrated over some dumb website issues you were having. Get over it already. You may stink at this stuff now, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Oh, hey there… You’re reading me talking to my self, great. So I’m just sitting here in my apartment, feeling like crap because I haven’t been pursuing my dream for the past few months. I let “school” and everything else in my life take over. But the reality is that I’ve been scared shitless of what the hell I’m doing and if it’s even going to go anywhere. Resonate?

Yet, as I was thinking to myself, alone in this old apartment, I thought… what the hell! Who cares if it doesn’t go anywhere? At least I’m trying, right?

So here’s the deal, originally I designed this blog to talk about how I can help you follow your dreams but in reality I need your help because I suck at life too, sometimes. I’ve dreamt of becoming a famous ballerina… or a musician… or a honcho business woman.. and I haven’t accomplished those dreams yet either. But I intend to help inspire others to do so. Why? I dunno, I guess I like people enough to want to encourage them to keep goin. Just like I’ve had over the years… until I realized I didn’t as much, anymore. And I had to find outside resources to help inspire me. Like people in Austrailia (Ashy Bines, Kayla Itsines..) who I don’t even know but I follow on snapchat because they’re badass girls going after there dreams! Shoot, if they can do it, you and I can too!

As I was with a group of friends the other night, jamming on guitar and singing at the top of my lungs.. and I thought, dang! These are my people. I love being around creative intellectuals who don’t give a rats ass what people think of them. Not only cause they’re fun, but they make ya wanna do WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANNA DO! But… It’s hard, huh? Figuring out what to do in this life full of craziness. Oddly enough, I know that when I think about something that inspires me.. Somehow, that thought comes to life. And I know it sounds cliché, but even if you suck at whatever you want to do.. what if you kept thinking you were really good? And eventually you just got better? Who cares what others think. What if life is only just a perception of what we make it out to be and the rest of everything is just a way to distract us, push us, or realllllly test us if we will dedicate our selves to our dream?

I mean, the other night I was thinking of how much I missed dancing and lo and behold I found a Ballet school down the street that has adult classes. Then I was chatting with a friend about how obsessed I am with horses and I found a company who lets their volunteers ride the horses (which is by the way, realllly hard to find! Everyone's such a stickler about letting people ride.) Anywho, my point is that we have a lot of negativity going on in our heads and in this world so start DREAMING as well as ACTING and stop feeling sorry for yourself or the years will pass you by. Bold statement, but true. I've felt like I'm 12 for the past ten years and then I woke up and realized I'm a 26 year old adult female who hasn't graduated college and sells for a solar company. Cool.

I’m a perfectionist at heart so it kills me to post this with no real editing done but I know I just need to start posting something! I know that I will help someone out there. My goal is to start writing about what I’m learning through hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, toe reading, dreams, metaphors, and other things… relating to this subject. I’m currently studying to become an Integrative Healer which means I am going to read your mind!!!!! Just kidding… kind of. But for reals, this journey is pretty cool and we could all get some help from one another so let me just end with saying… “I get by with a little help from my friends… oooo I get by with a little help from my friends!”

Ok, Bye. Chat soon.