Creating Love and Happiness in Your Life When You’re Young and Single

 – Thoughts from reading Gabby Bernstein’s new book, “The Universe Has Your Back,” and lessons learning from the love and match maker, Patti Stanger. 

 A full moon can mean, "New Beginnings," or the ending of something. The full moon is supposed to happen on November, 15th. Although, looking up at the sky tonight… I saw the moon as big as the ocean. I looked up while dipping my toes into the sand at Pacific Beach. I felt the energy of the waves crashing down beside me… the vibrations of the ground as I stand near San Diego’s most famous beach. I enjoy watching all different kinds of people walk the board walk. Homeless, fit, wealthy, poor, creative, happy, sad, romantic, creative, loving, hateful, depressed, confused, drunk, high, interesting, hot, smart, funny and most unique groups of people. I love how I go to the beach looking for peace and calmness, and it sometimes can be chaotic. The same way we encounter life at times. Looking for peace while discovering the beauty in all the chaos.


I have been listening to Gabby Bersteins new book, “The Universe Has Your Back,” on audible. I’ve been learning so much from her about our presence, meditation, trusting the universe, how to look for “signs,” love, anxiety, and much more. She teaches you these “prayers” to put out in the universe. Such as, “I choose to learn through love. I surrender to the universe and choose to see love.” It’s very interesting how good it actually feels when I practice these “little prayers.” I love learning these different kinds of things.. I belive there is truth to a lot of different spiritualities.


I’m also watching a lot of Hulu this weekend because I have been sick.. and it’s fun to watch ‘Millionaire Matchmaker,” and learn from Patti Stanger. I believe she truly does have a gift of match making and she cracks me up! I love her. She says that, “You’ve gotta know who you really are before settling down because if you don’t know who you are then you won’t attract the one for you.”

How interesting is that to think about? As a young, 26 year old woman, I sometimes worry about never finding true love. Once I think I find it, I spend much time trying to perfect it… but the thing is, love is not perfect. And neither are you and I. The trick is finding someone who makes your imperfectness feel beautiful.

Patti also talks about how, “Love can only live in a loving energy.”

Going back to Gabby, she goes into how we need to let our feelings navigate our paths.. and get CLEAR on how we want to feel. How do we want to manifest and how do we want to feel??

I believe that it really changes everyday. But for the most part, we want to feel loved, joy, being successful, creative, fit, adored, admired, respected, inspiring, fun, funny, courageous, ambitious, determined, and spontaneous. Right? Those are the most important things to me, atleast.

Gabby says that, “Joy is the ultimate creator.”

She also says to look at our should and what does the universe want us to do..

I know I want happiness and love, but sometimes I get in my own way. Does anyone else have that problem? Good, glad I’m not all alone.. Some of the steps Gabby suggests are:

1.) Accept that the obstacles are detours in the right direction.

2.) Get honest about how you may be controlling some areas in your life

3.) Use your prayers to see the obstacles as an opportunity to step back and let the universe lead you the way

4.) Trust that obstacles are the detours in the right direction


I have enjoyed learning from these two woman and will continue to read Gabby’s book. I’ve learned that when you esperience someone’s true presence, you are reminded of your own. I’ve realized that in discovering more of myself, I will attract the right kind of love towards me. I hope this helps you too.




Anna Adele