Here I am! I’ve been waiting for you, geez. You’ve been taking forever just to start this thing, “Awakenmint,” and all you’ve done is get frustrated over some dumb website issues you were having. Get over it already. You may stink at this stuff now, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Oh, hey there… You’re reading me talking to my self, great. So I’m just sitting here in my apartment, feeling like crap because I haven’t been pursuing my dream for the past few months. I let “school” and everything else in my life take over. But the reality is that I’ve been scared shitless of what the hell I’m doing and if it’s even going to go anywhere. Resonate?

Yet, as I was thinking to myself, alone in this old apartment, I thought… what the hell! Who cares if it doesn’t go anywhere? At least I’m trying, right?

So here’s the deal, originally I designed this blog to talk about how I can help you follow your dreams but in reality I need your help because I suck at life too, sometimes. I’ve dreamt of becoming a famous ballerina… or a musician… or a honcho business woman.. and I haven’t accomplished those dreams yet either. But I intend to help inspire others to do so. Why? I dunno, I guess I like people enough to want to encourage them to keep goin. Just like I’ve had over the years… until I realized I didn’t as much, anymore. And I had to find outside resources to help inspire me. Like people in Austrailia (Ashy Bines, Kayla Itsines..) who I don’t even know but I follow on snapchat because they’re badass girls going after there dreams! Shoot, if they can do it, you and I can too!

As I was with a group of friends the other night, jamming on guitar and singing at the top of my lungs.. and I thought, dang! These are my people. I love being around creative intellectuals who don’t give a rats ass what people think of them. Not only cause they’re fun, but they make ya wanna do WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANNA DO! But… It’s hard, huh? Figuring out what to do in this life full of craziness. Oddly enough, I know that when I think about something that inspires me.. Somehow, that thought comes to life. And I know it sounds cliché, but even if you suck at whatever you want to do.. what if you kept thinking you were really good? And eventually you just got better? Who cares what others think. What if life is only just a perception of what we make it out to be and the rest of everything is just a way to distract us, push us, or realllllly test us if we will dedicate our selves to our dream?

I mean, the other night I was thinking of how much I missed dancing and lo and behold I found a Ballet school down the street that has adult classes. Then I was chatting with a friend about how obsessed I am with horses and I found a company who lets their volunteers ride the horses (which is by the way, realllly hard to find! Everyone's such a stickler about letting people ride.) Anywho, my point is that we have a lot of negativity going on in our heads and in this world so start DREAMING as well as ACTING and stop feeling sorry for yourself or the years will pass you by. Bold statement, but true. I've felt like I'm 12 for the past ten years and then I woke up and realized I'm a 26 year old adult female who hasn't graduated college and sells for a solar company. Cool.

I’m a perfectionist at heart so it kills me to post this with no real editing done but I know I just need to start posting something! I know that I will help someone out there. My goal is to start writing about what I’m learning through hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, toe reading, dreams, metaphors, and other things… relating to this subject. I’m currently studying to become an Integrative Healer which means I am going to read your mind!!!!! Just kidding… kind of. But for reals, this journey is pretty cool and we could all get some help from one another so let me just end with saying… “I get by with a little help from my friends… oooo I get by with a little help from my friends!”

Ok, Bye. Chat soon.